SAN FRANCISCO — Transport and handling challenges will likely impose a top ceiling on glass size in coming years, according to Peter Bocko, division vice president of display futures at Corning Inc.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Transport and handling challenges will likely impose a top ceiling on glass size in coming years, according to Peter Bocko, division vice president of display futures at Corning Inc.

In the past, the lack of any product being able to ensure transparent home network operation meant that when access problems arose, consumers had to seek technical support. With the average consumer lacking the technical knowledge to resolve most networking problems, customers sought aid from their service providers. But service providers have to control support costs to keep service pricing competitive. As such, service providers inadvertently frustrate customers by first trying to push them to self support web sites, manuals, chat tools or email support. Frustrated users bypass these and seek to talk to a live person, minimizing SP return on investment for such tools while creating disloyal customers. Add to this the numerous times that SPs must escalate support calls or use truck rolls” to dispatch technicians to the home, and technical support becomes a huge cost, time and customer retention hindrance for both SPs and customers.

Enure has signed its first customer, Israel's largest telecommunications company, Bezeq, with approximately one million subscribers. The deal with Bezeq involves deployment of Enure's Service Shield product to the vast majority of its broadband access users. Enure will provide Bezeq with a tailored Service Shield solution to fit Bezeq's unique CPE deployments with customers. Service Shield is being deployed to users, typically via a download, for installation on all home-networked PCs. Service Shield will then instantly begin automating user home network environments to provide zero user involvement in repairing, managing and configuring their broadband access services. The deal is planned to involve several phases, with the first phase terms being valued at around one million dollars for Enure.

B41044A9225M_Datasheet PDF

Users today can encounter a myriad of problems. It might be an unauthorized user on the network. It could be that you accidentally changed your network configuration causing a loss of access. Perhaps a user can't figure out if their problem is the PC or router. These are situations that have led to frustrating technical support help in the past,” commented David Furstenberg, CEO, Enure Networks. But Enure shields users from the complexities behind the scenes of home networking–even if a user messes up the settings themselves–so users never have to worry again about any complexity of home networking. It just works, efficiently, optimally and securely. Essentially, we've made the entire home networking environment plug and play, as simple to install and start using as, say, plugging in a new microwave oven.”

The Enure Networks True Information & Control (TIC) system empowers SPs with unprecedented data to enable even greater broadband access service. With TIC, remote management can include automatic updates and upgrades to firmware/software on customer premise equipment (CPE) without interrupting their customers. TIC can also enable policy enforcement such as bandwidth allocation for advanced services like VoIP and IPTV, to ensure optimum quality and peak bandwidth for these applications. As well, TIC collects a myriad of information for SPs to better assess deployed equipment and services.

TIC can collect and report root-cause failures right down to a single home to identify patterns in service disruptions, leading to proactive rather than reactive service repair. TIC can also report fixes that occurred on a system, CPE inventory, performance information and more to spot trends or problems with specific equipment or software versions deployed with customers. Essentially, the combination of Service Shield and TIC enable SPs to turn the support center into a profit center of selling advanced services rather than a cost center focused on costly technical support.

B41044A9225M_Datasheet PDF

Enure's first stage strategy is to partner with telecommunications companies, MSOs and Internet service providers (ISP) to offer their customers the Service Shield software or to deploy the TIC system. This presents the fastest method for large deployments to customer bases over individual purchases. A retail strategy might be considered after 2006. As well, Enure is targeting consumer software vendors, consumer electronics vendors, operations support system (OSS) vendors and system integrators for partnerships. Both Service Shield and TIC are available now and pricing is dependent on configuration.

LONDON — The European Union is preparing arguments that electromagnetic spectrum licensing in Europe should be done on a pan-European basis instead of a national basis, according to a Financial Times report.

B41044A9225M_Datasheet PDF

Viviane Reding, the EU media commissioner, is set to outline her plan on June 28 as part of a review of the legal framework governing telecoms and communications in the 25-nation block, the FT said.

Any present the spectrum is managed by national authorities usually under harmonized frequency assignments. This can affect mobile phone companies, television broadcasters, emergency service operators and other radio users, and can result in a burden of bureaucracy for companies seeking to provide pan European services.

Des chercheurs du Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI, Troy, New York) pensent avoir trouver la solution : un matériau qui passe du glissant au collant sous l’action de rayons optiques.

Lorsqu’il est exposé à une lampe à ultraviolet, le polymère déloge les molécules coincées sur ses surfaces en devenant plus glissant que du téflon. Cette propriété permet de déboucher les canaux microfluidiques les plus encombrés.

Les chercheurs estiment que le polymère sera utile pour filtrer des protéines spécifiques de fluides biologiques, qui bouchent souvent les pores des filtres conventionnels.

Les membranes de polymère sont largement utilisées comme des filtres biologiques et dans des appareils microfluidiques, mais les pores bouchés raccourcissent souvent leur durée d’utilisation. Georges Belfort, professeur à RPI, a commencé à étudier les polymères qui peuvent modifier les caractéristiques des surfaces afin de déloger les matériaux coincés sans avoir à tout démonter ou à utiliser de puissants solvants.

Le nouveau matériau est basé sur de la PES (fibre de polyéther sulfone), avec une surface imprégnée d’une molécule modifiable par la lumière, appelée spiropyrane. Le spiropyrane est un commutateur moléculaire qui peut passer d’une forme inactivée passive à une molécule active fortement polarisée lorsqu’il est exposé à des rayons ultraviolets.

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