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GRM1557U1H130GZ01D_Murata Electronics

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The latest analogy to that phenomenon is a new LCD TV prototype Dolby Laboratories demonstrated Monday (March 31). For this reporter, the most astounding thing about it was how truly black its LCD screen was.

Click here for Table 1.Table 1. Spectrum allocations.

In addition, even though the Bluetooth SIG intends to limit the 802.11 AMP to file transfer applications, once this high-speed radio functionality exists, users may decide to use it for video streaming (as described by Bluetooth press materials). Because of their continuous nature, these streaming applications over an 802.11 AMP will have an even higher potential for interference than file transfers.

GRM1557U1H130GZ01D_Murata Electronics

Interference With multiple services in use simultaneously in a multimode device (as in the usage scenarios above), a Bluetooth 802.11 AMP may interfere with the operation of the other radios, leading to desensitization or even blocking of reception. If any of the blocked services are transmitting time-critical content, such as conversational audio or streaming media, the user experience can be poor. As an illustration, we will consider the use of WiMAX in conjunction with an 802.11 AMP.

In the US, the 2.5 to 2.7GHz range is licensed for use by WiMAX systems. Given its nearby proximity to the 2.4GHz spectrum, WiMAX has little isolation from the out-of-band emissions originating from an 802.11 radio, which could dramatically hinder high-reliability WiMAX operation. Interference to WiMAX is being taken very seriously by designers for reasons which can be understood better from an interference study report published by the European Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) in February 2005. This report named The Protection Requirements of Radiocommunications Systems Below 10.6 GHz from Generic UWB Applications (also known as 'Report 64') includes IMT-2000 services operating between 2.5 and 2.7GHz as one of the 'victim' services of interest.

Importantly, although this study focused on UWB being the interferer, the analysis was based purely on transmit power spectral density (PSD), and it made no assumptions about the transmitter's signal characteristics. Hence, any interfering energy with PSD higher than the protection limit specified in this report was concluded to have the potential to interfere with IMT-2000 client stations.

GRM1557U1H130GZ01D_Murata Electronics

The protection limit was derived in the following manner. The maximum allowable interferer power level at the receiver of the IMT-2000 subscriber unit (without causing degradation) was found to be -115dBm/MHz. For the use case shown in Figure 3, where a protection distance of 36cm is considered, a free space path of ≈30dB (@2.5GHz) results in transmit PSD protection limit of -115+30 = -85dBm/MHz to provide adequate protection to the IMT-2000 client station.

Click here for Figure 3.Figure 3: A usage scenario used by the ECC to determine interference protection levels for IMT-2000 services.

GRM1557U1H130GZ01D_Murata Electronics

Click here for Figure 4.Figure 4: In the scenario shown in Figure 3, the ECC required a separation distance of 36cm to protect the IMT-2000 services.

Note that in the above example, the ECC determined that a separation distance of 36 cm was appropriate to take into account a foreseen frequent scenario where a UWB device operating may be on a desk in an office environment, not far from a potential victim IMT-2000 mobile station.

The colors displayed on the LT-52244 were truly vibrant and very life-life giving you the feeling that you are there.” It cannot be understated! It's almost like watching the world through a clear pane of glass. I want to point out that HD-Net and DiscoveryHD in particular produced some of the most compelling HD images that can be viewed. Test grids from Digital Video Essentials and Silicon Optix's HQV Benchmark DVD Ver.1.4 certainly confirmed what my eyes were telling me that image clarity was right on the mark. Color bars, for example, were in perfect alignment with no coloring bleeding between colors. As well, the lines between colors were straight and true with no jagged edges either. Grayscale transformed itself from light to dark seamlessly. Test patterns clearly re-affirmed image clarity with image resolution! Also, using THX's video optimizer as well, you could certainly delineate white balance from the eight different squares.

High Definition images seem to produce a truly life-like” 3-dimentional effect on the viewer as HD adds a considerable amount of depth ” not to mention realism — to any image. The images pop” right off the screen. This is especially true for DiscoveryHD Theater, which a friend of mine has dubbed the bug channel.” Insects, and all of nature, never looked so realistic. Of course, sporting events in HD are the crme de la crme” of HD images also, as they need to be seen to be fully appreciated. For example, you can easily count the blades of grass or Astro Turf from the Super Bowl with the NY Giants or discern the rubble on asphalt for NASCAR. Unbelievable! Watching a football game made me feel that I was sitting right on the fifty yard line. Standard definition NTSC signals looked at good as they could get at 480p from EchoStar. And, HD programming was especially compelling such as the SciFi Channel's Battlestar Galactica among other shows looking spectacular!

Using this set as a video monitor for LG's Super Blu HD DVD/Blu-ray player, the displayed images were just as compelling as if you were watching the movies at your local cinema ” only better! Here, you're watching movies as they are meant to be seen ” in widescreen and digital video via HDMI 1.3! Clearly, there are certain movies that were meant to be seen and heard in HD! Watching films like Beowulf-Director's Cut, 300, Transformers, The Bourne Trilogy , and American Gangster in HD DVD; and Enchanted, Independence Day, I Am Legend, Ratatoulle,Troy-Direcor's Cut, Planet Earth, and Close Encounters-30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition in Blu-ray, for example, portrayed a display device that could easily distinguish subtle color shading and hue reproducing colors as accurately and realistic as possible. Black levels were better than other LCD HD sets previously viewed. While DVDs never looked better, it's really the HD images displayed from EchoStar satellite, the over-the-air antenna, HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc that produced the most stunning, startling, and most compelling images. Of course, standard definition DVDs also looked exceptional when playback on the SuperBlu as well from musical concerts from The Eagles: Hell Freezes Over or Celtic Woman ” A New Beginning to classic films likes Lawrence of Arabia or El Cid .

Conclusions In conclusion, Mitsubishi's LT-52244 combined with several high-definition sources produced and reproduced the some of the best images from regular over-the-air HD, Satellite, Satellite HD, and high-definition optical disc signals possible! This is a set that has to be seen in all its glory to be fully appreciated! In many ways, it's superior to its competitors in both design and function. Clearly, extended viewings are recommended! Here is a television with the capability of showing each type of signal in the best possible way. While it's somewhat pricey, it produces some of the best LCD images on the planet! And, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.”

Since the LT-52244 is a HDTV with all of the right connectors (including HDMI 1.3), you're set for many years to come of extended viewings. So, get comfortable. You'll be receiving and watching the most pristine and compelling HDTV signals on this or any other planet! Clearly, it's your new window onto the world, and just the ticket for watching your favorite TV shows in HD and viewing your growing DVD or Blu-ray collections. Pass me the popcorn!

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